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When America Came of Age 8.5 x 11 Poster

When America Came of Age

Creators:  Edward Miller & Lauren James

Headliner:  Lauren James

Genre:  Musical Review


WHEN AMERICA CAME OF AGE  This is a rousing musical journey through the early years of the 20th Century.  Presented by Lauren James and Ed MIller. Live performance and multimedia. A toe-tapping tribute to America's most colorful president and happiest time.



Creators:  Edward Miller & Lauren James

Headliner:  Lauren James

Genre:  Musical Review


Featuring songs from the 30s and 40s, this show brings to life the spirit of America’s most heroic generation. This is the music that helped mobilize a generation to triumph over the Great Depression and World War II. The acclaimed live performance/multimedia show premiered in 2006 and has been performed intermittently ever since that time.


The story is told mainly through music and some narrative, as photos and film clips are displayed on a traveling “movie palace.” 

Musical numbers include, “I Feel a Song Coming On,” “Pennies from Heaven,” “They All Laughed,” “The White Cliffs of Dover,” “Meet the People,” and some hidden gems that most people haven’t heard in decades. It includes a rousing “bond rally.”


Waiting Star DVD Case8-27-22.jpg

Creators:  Book and Lyrics by Edward Miller

Music:  Lauren James, Robin Downward, Dan Baltzo, and Edward Miller

Genre:  Musical Comedy


WAITING STAR , a romantic and often outrageously funny musical, is inspired by characters in Shakespeare’s three plays about Prince Hal. 

     England is rocked by scandal when the prince falls in love with the long-lost daughter of the merry rogue, Jack Falstaff. Her special gifts change the course of history.

    This is an all-new,  full-length musical play  in the style of Broadway’s Golden Age.

      Waiting Star premiered at  Medford's Randall Theatre on August 20, 2022 to a full house and standing ovation..  




Creators:  Edward Miller, Lauren James

Genre:  Musical Review


When a mysterious Christmas card appears, Lauren tries to discover its origins by searching through cards from her past.  The images inspire her to sing such numbers as “Winter Wonderland,” “Silver Bells” “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer,” and other holiday favorites. 

    At the end of the show, she finally discovers the dramatic story behind this card. It is over a hundred years old and comes directly from the time and place of a real life Christmas miracle.

   This show first opened in Grants Pass, Oregon in December 2015 and was an immediate hit. 

     Since 2015 it has become a beloved yearly event in Southern Oregon (Except for 2020 when all theaters were closed.)  Already it is scheduled to re-open for the holiday season of 2021.

Xmas Poster-Anna Maria, 2021.jpg
The Road to Egypt 11x17 Poster.jpg

Creators:  Edward Miller, Dan Baltzo, Scott Amspoker

Genre:  Musical Comedy


     Old Hollywood lives again in one of the zaniest shows to come along

in years! Here’s your chance to laugh, fall in love, and share a time-

travel adventure you’ll never forget. It begins when a famous soothsayer

(famous as the world’s worst) hopes to redeem his reputation by

bringing back two 20th century Americans to ancient Egypt.

     After he casts the forbidden spell, two buddies are carried back in time, and it

becomes complicated when Cleopatra falls in love with one of them.

Instead of “Antony and Cleopatra,” will it instead be “Bob and


      The show is sprinkled with hints of Mae West, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, and Jimmy Durante.

     The music is upbeat and fun—the opening number is “What Do You

Give a Girl Who’s Had Everybody.” And there is some tender and

romantic music as well. 

     Two early versions of the show were brought before delighted San Francisco Bay Area audiences and The Road to Egypt is now ready for its Road to Broadway!




Lauren  has been performing professionally in the Northwest since the age of 17. As an accomplished pianist and singer, she has entertained audiences in many venues, including Carnegie Hall (as soloist), and is also a music teacher and musical director.  She co-hosted the morning show on a radio station in Roseburg, her home town. Presently she is co-producing shows and working as the accompanist for Dr. Kirby Shaw's Jefferson State Choral Coalition at Southern Oregon University. 








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