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When America Came of Age, a rousing musical review, plays at (LOCATION,  DATES)


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When America Came of Age 

A Rousing Patriotic Review at (THEATER NAME)

Live Performance and Multimedia


When America Came of Age plays at (LOCATION) on (DATES)  Through music, live performance, and multimedia, this show tells the story of America at the turn of the 20th Century — a romantic and exciting era.  Optimism and patriotism were high and the world was full of new wonders — autos, planes, “talking machines” — and the first movies.  Ragtime set the pace; vaudeville was king. 


(PERFORMER OR THEATRE SPOKESPERSON) said, “This toe-tapping line-up includes patriotic songs from George M. Cohan, the melodic tunes of Irving Berlin, hits from early Broadway, and hilarious comic numbers from vaudeville.”


Many of America’s most cherished patriotic music was written during this age, including “America the Beautiful” and “You’re a Grand Old Flag.”  The show features not only such well-known standards as “Give My Regards to Broadway,” but some re-discovered gems that probably haven’t been performed in a hundred years.


The script’s author, Ed Miller said, “It’s a rousing musical journey through America’s most optimistic age. The songs help tell the story, not only of the times, but one of our greatest presidents—Teddy Roosevelt. He did it all — president, rancher, war hero, explorer, and world-renown naturalist.  He wrote 38 books, won the Nobel Peace Prize, and created 150 new national parks and forests. He loved the adventurous, outdoor life and is still our nation’s greatest conservation president.”


The show, first performed in 2013, was created by Ed Miller and Lauren James. Ed created the script and video, and Lauren wrote and recorded the musical arrangements. It was an immediate hit and has been brought back every year since that time.  The Southern Oregon team, known for combining live performance with multimedia, also wrote and produced The Greatest Generation — A Musical Tribute which opened in 2006 and is still being performed.  Their other show is the popular, With Every Christmas Card I Write, which has become another yearly event.


____________, who headlines the show, is well known to local audiences. (BIO).


The show’s narrator, _______________is (BIO).


When America Came of Age will be performed (DATE, TIME, ADDRESS HERE)  Reserved seats: $ (DOLLAR AMOUNT).





When America Came of Age 8.5 x 11 Poster

Please feel free to copy text and images from this page for your publicity. For additional information or more photos call Ed Miller (541) 479-5463 or Lauren James (541) 680-6833.


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Lauren James, headliner and co-creator of The Greatest Generation—A Musical Tribute


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A Musical Tribute to The Greatest Generation

Live Performance and Multimedia


The Greatest Generation — A Musical Tribute will be performed at _________on ____________________.


The tribute, which has been touring Southern Oregon since 2006,  showcases upbeat songs and heartfelt ballads from the 30s and 40s.  The story of the WW II generation is told through music and narrative, while photos and film clips are displayed on a “mini-movie palace”. Numerous displays also accompany the show.


 “We mean for this to be both a stirring tribute and top notch entertainment,” said Lauren James, co-creator of the show and lead vocalist. “After going through thousands of songs we came up with some entertaining and inspiring numbers  that reflect the courage, love, and optimism of that generation.”


This tribute, of course, was inspired by Tom Brokaw’s book, “The Greatest Generation.” In this best seller, Brokaw declared, “I think this is the greatest generation that any society has ever produced.” He was writing about the people, now in their late 80s and 90s, who came of age in the Great Depression and lived through WWII. James added, “On two fronts they faced the worst of the worst and they prevailed.”


 “They are heroes in every sense of the word,” said James, “and we’re hoping to tell their story in a way that their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will never forget.”


Musical numbers include, “I Feel a Song Coming On,” “Pennies from Heaven,” “They All Laughed,” “The White Cliffs of Dover,” “I’ve Got a Pocketful of Dreams”, and some “hidden gems” that most people haven’t heard in at least half a century. 


James said, “In many of the numbers, there is a toe-tapping ‘we can do it’ spirit that makes you feel like everything is going to be just fine. The lyrics are both witty and positive. And the love songs reflect a belief in love that lasts forever.” 


James has been performing professionally in the Northwest since the age of 17. As an accomplished pianist and singer, she has entertained audiences in many venues, including Carnegie Hall (as soloist), and is also a music teacher and musical director.  She co-hosted the morning show on a radio station in Roseburg, her home town. Presently she is co-producing shows and working as the accompanist for Dr. Kirby Shaw's Jefferson State Choral Coalition at Southern Oregon University.


The show’s narrator and co-author, Edward Miller, is a magazine writer and produced musical playwright. Like James, he is a long-time fan of Greatest Generation music.


Video excerpts from the show can be seen at the authors' website:  


  (Additional info, address, contact info, directions, price of admission, etc. can be added.)

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